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Suizhou Zenghouyi Tombsite Exhibition Hall

Suizhou Zenghouyi Tombsite Exhibition Hall

A "Serial bells' or bianzhong unearthed in the tomb of Zenghouyi.

The Suizhou Zenghouyi Tombsite Exhibition Hall is located in the Hubei Provincial Museum. The Hubei Provicial Museum is on the edge of Wuchang East Lake, a very beautiful place. Since the establishment of the museum, many exhibitions have been held here. The collections currently hold some 200, 000 objects among which the most astonishing are the objects excavated from the Zenghouyi Tomb.

bronze zun plate
This bronze zun plate unearthed in the tomb of Zenghouyi deserves to be considered a masterpiece of bronze wares of the Warring States period.

The Zenghouyi Tomb was built about 2400 years ago. The richness of the objects excavated from this tomb and their exquisite beauty has made them one of the rare sights of the world. The musical instruments alone have been called an underground musical palace. Among these instruments, the bianzhong or bells are most famous. There are altogether 65 bells: 19 niu bells, 45 tong bells, and 1 fu bell. The entire set is capable of performing ancient as well as modern music and Chinese as well as all kinds of foreign music since their tonal range is broad and the quality of sound is beautiful. The Hubei Provincial Museum made a special exhibition room for this set of bianzhong, and specialists at certain times give performances of ancient music for visitors.

Hubei was the center of Chu culture. Inside the Chu tomb were Chu items but also rare objects from other countries, such as the kingdom of Yue. A sword belonging to the King of Yue is, for example, one of the treasures found in the Chu tomb for the beauty of this sword has long been world famous.

A color painted wood carving table screen unearthed in a Chu tomb
A color painted wood carving table screen unearthed in a Chu tomb

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