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Macao Maritime Museum

The exhibition area in the 2nd floor
The exhibition area in the 2nd floor-Maritime history.
The exhibition area in the 3rd floor
The exhibition area in the 3rd floor- Navigation technology.
The underground exhibition area-maritime folk custom
The underground exhibition area-maritime folk custom

The Macao Maritime Museum is located near the Mage Temple on Mage Street in Macao. It was established and opened to the public in 1990 and is a specialized museum focusing on maritime relations. It is under the jurisdiction of the Macao Port Office.

The Maritime Museum "was built for the mariners' friends of all the world's peoples." The building is a completely enclosed construction of three levels. It is located on thesouthwest end of the Macao peninsula, next to the harbour. Nearby is the #1 wharf where a Huating and a dragon boat are docked, which are also for visitors' enjoyment.

The exterior of the Macao Maritime Museum
The exterior of the Macao Maritime Museum.

The Museum currently has around 2,000 objects in its collection. These introduce the boats in which Portuguese came to Macao in the early period, as well as traditional Chinese ships and equipment. Included are also navigation tools used in Macao today. Exhibitions are divided into the fishing industry, Portuguese and Chinese discoveries, technology, and transport.

The fishing section introduces fishing equipment and fish-cultivation technology. Models of boats, nets, ways to catch fish and some scenes of fishermen actually catching fish are shown. The section on Portuguese and Chinese discoveries shows how the Portuguese Vasco da Garna led a fleet to this area in the late 15'" century, how he discovered the passage to India and how other Portuguese explorers came to the Malaysian archipelago and on to China and Japan. The early period of China's maritime industry is also described, with the history of Zheng He heading out on the western seas in the early 15th century.

The Museum also exhibits a large number of military weapons and devices used on the high seas, such as guns, cannons, telescopes and so on, showing the importance of the defense of trade routes.

Address: Macao, Mage Street, Mage Temple Qiandi #1
Fax:(853) 512160
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