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China Fine Arts Gallery

The China Fine Arts Gallery is located on May-Fourth Road in Beijing (Wusi Dajie). It is a national-level art museum that concentrates on works by China's modern painters. The Museum covers a total area of 30,000 square meters, with a building area covering 17,051 square meters and an exhibition space of 6,000 square meters. The Museum has three levels and 13 exhibition halls: recently rebuilt and expanded, the new museum is quite handsome.

China Fine Arts Gallery. China Fine Arts Gallery.
The corridor and courtyard of the China Fine Arts Gallery.
The facade of the China Fine Arts Gallery.

The China Fine Arts Gallery collects, conserves, displays, and researches superlative artworks of modern Chinese artists and also folk art. It organizes a variety of Sino-foreign exhibitions, supports academic exchange and research, and publishes collected works as well as essays on art theory. It has more than 60,000 objects in its collections that encompass modern and contemporary art and people's folk art. Some ancient paintings are also held in the collection, as well as some works of art from other countries.

China Fine Arts Gallery
The exhibition hall of the China Fine Arts Gallery

Oil Painting Portrait of Qi Baishi

The Oil Painting Portrait of Qi Baishi painted by Wu Zuoren.

As a cultural focal point open to both Chinese and foreigners, the Gallery often puts on many types of exhibitions. Other than the permanent exhibitions organized by the museum itself and jointly sponsored exhibits from other museums, it also holds short-term exhibits that explore brave new initiatives and give exposure to different Chinese regions. In order to heighten international communication in the arts arena, the Gallery often holds exhibitions brought in from other countries. The collections of the Fine Arts Gallery have also been abroad on exhibition many times. Every year, the Gallery holds more than 100 exhibitions in Beijing, and every year it receives several million visitors.

Since its founding, the Fine Arts Gallery has held around 60 large-scale national exhibitions that display the collections of the museum itself. Since the 1980s, more than 100 exhibitions have been held of works from abroad, such as the French N''-century Village Views Painting Exhibition, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts I Famous American Painters' Original Works Exhibition, the Rodin Art Exhibit, the I Famous Painters of Western Painting Exhibit, as well as many art exhibits with Australia Japan, Russia, Germany Korea, Malaysia, Norway and Israel.

Selected works of the China Fine Arts Gallery have visited France, America, Japan, Russia, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Greece, and Korea, and have travelled many times to I Hong kong Macao and Taiwan.

Address: Beijing City, Dongcheng District,May 4th street, #1
Telephone: 86-10-64017076
Official Website:

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